The Living Presence of Most Holy Theotokos!

The Living Presence of Most Holy Theotokos by Epiphanios, Bishop of Ledra, and Abbot of Machaira Monastery.

How do we know that our mother is always by our side?
How do we know that the person who loves us is by our side?
We often go on trips
to other countries;
we go to do other work;
we are not close to our loved ones.
So, what do we do?

Usually, we keep a photo of them in our pocket.
We take out the photo; we talk to the person we love;
we send them our love, too.
And then, we return and he says –
even though we may not ask him and he tells us on his own –
“You know, I always felt your presence next to me.”
Well, how did that happen …
since you were not physically present?
There is another way in which souls, people
communicate; They communicate by heart.
“Deep calls to deep,” says the Psalter.
One heart calls to the other heart.
Therefore, just as we rejoice
when we are with a person, whom we see,
and rejoice again, even when we are not near him
since we speak to him noetically, so, too, does Panagia Rejoice.
Indeed, the Virgin Mary Is the Mother of us all, because She Is the Mother of God.

Orthodox Christian Icon of Most Holy Theotokos holding Jesus Christ as an infant

And God, Who Is the Father of us all,
also gave us a Mother.
Panagia has often revealed
Her presence to many people,
either through their senses or in various other ways.
How will we sense such a thing?
We will sense it if we start talking to Her.
How can we talk to the Virgin Mary?
If we recall, people of older generations called out:

“My Lady! “

whenever they encountered difficulties.
Thus, they wanted Panagia to be near them and to immediately assist, to act on their problem. Other times, other people said the Salutations, or the prayer :

“Most Holy Theotokos save us.”

Whether they said the Salutations, or the Supplicatory Canon,
there are many such cases of Saints,
who called out to Panagia.
And if we do that too,
then, gradually, we will be able to feel the presence
of the Virgin Mary near us.
However, we must help our own self.

One of the most notable Orthodox Christian Icons – Holy Mother, Panagia of Jerusalem (Ierosolymitisa)

Own voice :

The Mother of our hearts, Most Holy Theotokos!

The sweetest Mother to all of God’s children ,

Most Holy Theotokos, Virgin Mary the Mother of God!

I never knew Love until I finally surrendered

in Your arms…

In You, my wandering and wounded heart

has finally found a home…

Holy Mother of God , Orthodox Christian Icon, called “Glykofilousa” , which means “sweet kissing”

Saint Paisios the Athonite :

When we were children, we were afraid of our father; no one was afraid of our mother. And when we asked for a favor from our father, we ran to our mother, said what we wanted and she undertook to convince our father of what we wanted.

This Is Our Lady! Our Most Holy Theotokos!
Our Lady Is such a sweet Mother. She Is so affectionate. She Is full of Love for all of us. No one will leave his prayer disappointed. Let yourself kneel before our Lady; do not regret kneeling, you will see how much you will relax. Sometimes the things you cannot confess to your friends because you are afraid of their judgment, you can confide to Her. You will see that our Mother will take the tombstone that comes and presses on our chests. You will see how relieved we will be to leave this place!

The Holy Lady of our nation!

Most Holy Theotokos, Panagia Is the Lady of our nation!

Thank You for always protecting us in such obvious ways!

Archangel Gabriel bringing the message of Jesus’ Conception in Holy Spirit, to Most Holy Theotokos


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