The all-giving Light! ~

The only Uncreated King both of the seen and unseen world, the only true Living God!

The One who created the light and the stars and Is the Light of this world!

About 2000 years after the Birth of the Messiah and Savior of the world, few things have changed. If Christ Was born today, as back then, very few people would be impressed. That is why His coming was not revealed to the typical Pharisees, nor to the Scribes, but to the simple and humble shepherds with a pure heart, ready to receive the King of Creation.

The whole message of the Nativity of Christ the Messiah, is summarized in the following words:

Humility, love, sacrifice.

Wherever we look, in the story of His Nativity and in the following 33 years of His life, culminating in His death on the cross, we will see the reoccuring theme of humility. The God – Word , became man to recreate us, He descended the stairs of heaven to exalt the fallen human flesh, that lived outside the doorsteps of paradise, mourning its fall.

Jesus Christ, the God-Word, the only Uncreated King and Uncreated Light

He who created the creation with one thought, had nowhere to turn, from the day He came into the world and all the inns were full, to His great Sacrifice on the Cross, when He was abandoned by almost all of His disciples, in spite of the many wonderful miracles they had seen by His side.

Through humility, obedience, and ultimately love for His Father, He overcame death, broke Hades’ chains , and became a practical model of struggle and a safe path of victory for all of us.

Orthodox Christian Icon of Holy Mary, Mother of God, and Jesus Christ on His first steps as infant

It could not be any different than the humble way for His Holy Mother, the Most Holy Theotokos. who at 15 years old, having Jesus in Her womb, covered 145 kilometers in order to meet Elizabeth, without making any complaint, having full confidence in the plan and will of God. Always putting Her will in second or even non-existent fate, She erased the debts of the disobedience of the protoplasts.

They both denied themselves in order to secure the will of Heavenly Father.

They became a model of humility and showed perfect love, which involves sacrifice and leads to the liberation of man from the necrosis of sin.

Orthodox Christian Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos,
holding Jesus Christ the Messiah, and a Holy Angel attending them and pouring incense

Usually during the holidays and just before the present year runs its course, we all review our annual social status, work performance and set new goals for the new year. Some of us compare ourselves with those around us and feel more or less good about ourselves, we feel that we have to succeed according to the worldly mentality.

We are consumed by the search for the best gourmet food, the purchase of the most sought after gift to impress our loved ones, the decoration with the brightest lanterns, the dress with the endless crystal strasses ; and when the Christmas holidays are gone, we feel an endless emptiness, or in some cases a burden, depending on the menu of the day.

That is because Christmas has passed but it has not touched our hearts at all, simply because we failed to fill the void with the warmth of the Love of Christ and because Christmas was not a sanctifying experience for us, but rather a draining one.

We have failed to understand and put into our hearts the true meaning of Christmas and we became part of the commercialization of the Nativity of the Messiah, who rather watches us in justified anger, as when He cleansed His Father’s temple from the merchants who had turned it into a place of transaction.

In truth, it does not take many things to feel the warmth of His Love, only to Love Him with Honesty, for who He is and for what He has done for all of us. Christ was Crucified for us to be free and yet, everyday, every hour and every second, He knocks on our door with a gentle knock, asking us if we want to welcome Him into our home, just like the blind man, for who He made clay but what He ultimately wanted was to set him free, from the darkness and from the sin- that is why before He cures him, He asks him – do you want to be made well?

You see Christ has nobility, He does not want to blackmail our love, if He wanted there would be no unbeliever on earth, but the cosmic lights prevent us from seeing the true light, only because we are impressed by paper towers and shining mirrors…

Christ Is freedom and love, and He could not make the salvation of our soul simpler and easier, as long as we turn our gaze into the Light , we will find Him…

Blessed be the name of the Holy Trinity and our Panagia, Holy Mary, that lit the whole world with the Birth of Her Son and God, our Lord Jesus Christ!

Blessed be the name of The all-giving Light!

I hope that every day you keep a place at the family table for Christ and that He is the silent guest in the feast of your heart – of our heart …

Δοξασμένο το όνομα Του αληθινού Ζωοποιού Φωτός!

Jesus Christ, the God-Word, the only Uncreated King and Uncreated Light

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