God Is courage for a humble heart ~

Jesus Christ Is a spring of hope and a nevernending source of courage than can get you through anything !

The courage to believe in God seeks good and pure hearts, in order to be solid and to strengthen us. This can not be done unless we humble ourselves and turn ourselves completely to God to cleanse us, in ways known by His Wisdom, as Christ did when He washed the feet of His disciples.

My strength comes from my faith in the Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ!

Archangel Michael , the Commander of all orders of Angells, is a great example of courage ,
which comes from the pure love and devotion to God

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God; Matthew 5:8 ~

God Loves humility ; values and virtues attract the Grace of God that strengthens man through the power of The Holy Spirit °°°¶

God co-exists in a humble heart, because He Is long-suffering Himself. We all experience that because instead of showing us that we are denying Him the exact moment we sin, He waits till we get back home and gently Knocks the door to our hearts. For He is Gracious and Grand, and He respects the freedom of our will°°° 


The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.

Isaiah 41:13

For I the Lord your God will hold your right hand, saying unto you,

Fear not; I will help you.

Stretch; your mind and your soul!

Trials are not meant to break you, but to strengthen your faith °°°√

Every hardship is a blessing in disguise. Stay patient and faithful, don’t let your love for God become less. He Will Reveal His ways to you if you keep praying and doing good work. We can’t claim we love Him if we only like Him when he favors us. Always praise Him, even more in your toughest days, always thank God for what He Has already done for you and all the blessings He’s showered you. Remember, that the cross you carry is the ladder that will lead you to Heaven °°° ¦

I do not follow Jesus Christ out of fruitless and blind discipline but out of love !

and that makes it easy to follow Him and do His will because I know that this love will take care of me as no one else can …

During my struggles , I have witnessed that if our God – Father is pleased with the way we react to a test, during which He examines our heart, He gives us a good dose of an anesthetic, that is His Grace and His Love, so that we can get through it till the end of the test.

My Lord and my God, my heart finds peace and courage in humility and not in wicked ways anymore… I’m begging You my Lord, do not forget me, send one of your angels to defend me and I shall defend Your truth for as long as I breathe ¦

All you have to do is to embrace your inner struggles, your own cross, and trust that Jesus will wait for you on the breakthrough to your other side …

The icon of The Triumphant Jesus Christ. The Word became Flesh and showed us in practice that with humility, patience and obedience, and love to His Father, he overcame death, in a tangible way that we can feel it too. God became man and clothed the lower human flesh to exalt us. His Nativity became the ladder to ascend to Paradise, which until then had the Gates closed. ¬

Nomatter how much darkness you are facing, remember that God Is Light and that

light always finds a way through the cracks… Open your eyes and use your heart a bit more, even though it might seem that God has abandoned you and He doesn’t have a plan for you, don’t give up ; He Is working out something more wonderful than what you had in mind… Remember that when God seems to be absent, He Is examining your heart and at the same time , He is working everything out !

Jesus taught us to have faith in God’s plan and that we can win our fights trough obedience ;while Jesus was on the cross everyone abandoned Him because they thought He had lost His battle, but in fact, while remaining silent, He broke the gates of Hades and gave us eternal life!

If you stay patient and faithful, then God that Is Good and Faithful, He will crown you as fruitful °°°

After all , sometimes not getting what you want, is a wonderful twist, which is actually God’s providence in disguise! Remember that everything you crave for is already here, and you just need to fill in the blanks , and be in joy °°°¶

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