Living in wisdom ~

The current time of our life has been given to us to gain immortality and eternal life, and to transform it into eternity,

by living “in wisdom”, that is, always living in Christ and through Christ.

{ The spiritual desert, human isolation is where God works,

for God Is revealed in the purified heart, which is pure through humility. }

A wise man is one who builds the edifice of his soul on the Gospel.

That is, a sparrow does not bring spring, but the three nightingales of the Spirit, that would be, the three Hierarchs, bring the Spring of souls, they bring the Spring to souls.

Saint Justin Popovich

According to the tradition of our Orthodox Christian Church Fathers, Lazarus, the friend of Christ whom He resurrected three days after he died , when he returned from the shore of eternal life, only smiled again once.

This happened when he saw someone stealing a clay pot and exclaimed ironically: “soil steals soil! ”

That story should always stay in our mind, reminding us just how temporary this world is and how we should be spending our time here preparing and cleaning our souls, for the day we cross over to the true Life .

As John Crysostom says very accurately :

” this world is only a temporary inn – our home is in heaven…”

Orthodox Christian Icon of the Messiah, Lord Jesus Christ
and the Holy Angels surrounding Him

When God intervenes ~

God intervenes when we allow Him to do so,

because He does not want to violate our freedom of will.

This is done either through prayer or when we have goodwill.

For example, when we pray for something and say,

” let the will of God be done and not ours” ,

we humble ourselves voluntarily.¬

God wants to fill us with His Grace but we hinder Him with our actions.

We usually want to do what makes us feel good but if that does not lead us to the Light of Christ, it ends up in a delusion.

Above : Icon of Holy Angel ;

Angels are our Big Brothers in Heaven, and can only protect us
when we meet certain pressupossitions | metanoia and fruits of repentance, that is good works that prove our change and our faith .

Sin leads to death, to darkness, that’s why it numbs us and so our conscience stops monitoring us as effectively as it did when we had a pure heart. Repentance begins when we understand why what we have done is a sin and ends when we radically change our way of life and completely eliminate the old man ;

so that the sin that separated us from God can no longer separate us from His nurturing , loving Light. Only when we truly experience a change from within, we grieve for our former wicked days, and that’s when we can have access to God’s grace, because God doesn’t want to force His Love , or all that He Has in store for us;

we are the ones who have to open our hearts to His calling …

Galatians 2:20 ~

Apostle Paul – Galatians 2:20

My old self has died on the cross with Christ. I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. And my present physical life is a life based on my faith in the Son of God, who loved me and died voluntarily for my sake. I can not ignore this gift from God. But if salvation is secured by keeping the law, then Christ died for no reason.


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