Everything we own is of God’s Grace ~


Everything we own is a gift of the Grace of God ~

When we insist on our selfishness and arrogance, we are in fact dwelling on mortality, since the selfish person is cold-hearted and therefore does not make room in his heart to dwell in the spirit of God.

On the contrary, the humble person humbly stands before God and acknowledges that everything he has, whether it is a skill or material or spiritual thing, is a gift from God.

Even good deeds should not be done out of pride, so that others may admire us or praise us, but should be done silently and in the name of Christ’s love. Otherwise, these seemingly good deeds may deprive us of paradise when accompanied by arrogance.

As Matthew 6: 3 says ¬

“You, on the contrary, when you give alms, let not your left hand know what your right hand is doing”

The Grace of God lives upon and shields the faithful ones ~

The Grace of God illuminates man’s thoughts who face dilemmas and overtakes him before he reaches a dead end ,


equips us with the gifts we need and makes up for what we lack

God can break any chain and set you free, for there is no luck, only God ~

If luck turns man into good or bad, then why do you advise and instruct your children?

All then useless and lost. If luck makes the rich and the poor, then there is no need for education, nor struggles for wealth. If there is no God, who oversees everything, then there would be no order and harmony, that is, without His providence .

If there is no God, how does our world operate in a perfect string of laws?

And because He created everything, we should all stop being disrespectful.

Back to the matter of luck :

1 | If there is luck, there is no crisis.

2 | If there is luck, there is no faith.

3 | If there is luck, there is no God.

4 | If there is luck, there is no virtue.

5 | If there is luck, there is no darkness.

6 | If there is luck, we do everything unjustly and endure it in vain.

We can only admire the All-Wise, the Righteous, and Loving Providence of the Almighty God and our Father. We can only fill our hearts, with gratitude and trust in the Almighty God and Almighty of the world. It is faith that must make us strong and determined in life so that we can move on the path of virtue. She is the one who gives us strength, not to bend to the difficulties of life, trials, and sorrows.
It is Divine Providence for everyone and everything. – Saint John Chrysostom

⭕️  God can break every chain of your past, if you are willing to stay under His Wings and take His medicine, that is doing His Will not ours. Ways He does that:

📍He Breaks family chains and inherited patterns of bad habits and behavior.

📍He Reveals our weaknesses so we can heal them.

📍He Reveals what is acquired by your surroundings and not in your nature.

📍He Equips you to break free by giving you spiritual gifts and skills.

📍He Sends The Holy Spirit to strengthen us and reveal the truth in matters that have troubled us and made us stand still for years, while being under God’s light of truth , we can finally move forward as soon as we get purified and we acquire discernment.

📍He Shows you your worth so that you don’t go back to people that have hurt you, or be codependent on persons that are part of your bad history and habits.

📍He Will make you feel renewed as if you have just been born.

God Is the only one that can truly set us free!

God will use hardship as a bittersweet sting to remind us to come back to His Omni Love.

He Will always make a way if only you stay faithful, you will be crowned as fruitful °°°

Trust God in every turn your life takes,
for He alone Is The Good Doctor and Knows how much and for how long we need His medicine and treatment, that is the hardship.
Stay faithful, stay the course, and He Will Reward you, and more importantly, He will Renew your strength as of that of an eagle…

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