Faces in the crowd

The boy held back for a while.

“I knew you didn’t have it in you, Chris! You are afraid of the ghost lady, aren’t you?! Oh, how the mighty have fallen!”
“Zip it, Dehlia! I’d like to know what you would do if you d see her right in front of you. Sure, you are full of bravado, knowing she can’t chase your skinny ass from the beyond!”
“She is alive silly, you are always mixing things up in your mind.D-ah!” Dehlia commented.
Suddenly they both stopped talking.
“Did you sense this?”
“No. Did you?”

“I thought it was you messing with me. Are you messing with my mind Dehlia? I swear to God you are not gonna live enough to visit the haunted house!”
“Your mind has the capacity of a fruit. And by the way, there is a slim chance a snake caressed your weak leg. Don’t blame me! Can you see clear through this muddy grass?”
“You can forget the house tour. We are going back! We have already enough trouble as it is…”

Mrs A. was watching them from afar, from her usual spot next to her broken, rusty window. Although she had lost her memory, all that she could sense was that she had forgotten who she was and where she came from …


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