Aurorα Rεborn: she is addicted to running away…

A young adult mystery novel, about surviving at all costs. Kindle Edition

Aurora Reborn is a young adult mystery novel, about dealing with social justice, and above all, it is an inspirational survival story. It is about facing mental abuse, confronting the worst nightmares that the bullies afflict, and still, hold on to your light.
Aurora, a has-been actress, is facing memory loss and is dependent on her soon-to-be ex-husband, for external activities and taking care of herself. He becomes her eyes and voice to the outside world, where everyone thinks she is still missing after ten years have passed since her mysterious disappearance. Meanwhile, Aurora is also trying to stay sober, as she was battling drinking fixation for many years and is part of the reasons that drove them apart. Another factor that played a key role was the death of their daughter, which led Mrs. A. to stay voluntarily isolated in her once-famous for the parties mansion.
At the same time, Anna , a natural-born troublemaker, who is addicted to running away from caretakers, as she resides in an orphanage, is coming to realize her friendships are built like a castle in the sand. She is facing moral dilemmas; to compromise and work for a political gang to have a more privileged life, or stay and fight those who exploit the orphanage’s kids.
Circumstances will reveal who her true allies are; Aris, her once good on paper sweetheart, or Krestian Andriano, her trainer, who will introduce her to his “tough love for tough people” method.

If she manages to get physically and mentally fit for the underground races of the orphanage and wins, they will grant her her freedom; she will be able to leave the institution without having to run away and earn her way out. But being free has a cost and the desired currency of exchange is one’s soul. God knows you have to be willing to get in the ring, not just stand outside and clap…